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Short-Timers in the Military,
Awaiting the Civilian World and
Needing a Buddy
for the Transition

  "Some potential employers may look at my profile and wonder how military experience can translate into success at a commercial, private sector ogranization. The military has instilled in me a variety of skills that have been useful throughout my professional career, including leadership, followership, commitment, strong work ethic, and loyalty. As far as PR is concerned, I believe there are a few basic fundamentals that apply to this area regardless of a company's nature. These abilities include audience analysis, message crafting, and delivery and have been my assets for the nine years I spent in the Air Force. The messages and delivery may be different but the basic fundamentals of internal communication remain the same." - Erin Dick, former Chief of Public Affairs at United States Air Force



Advanced Preparation Time For Separation
How long before separation should someone begin to actively prepare to leave the service?

A week or two
About a month
About two months
About three months
About four months
View Results

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